September 18-20, 2024
Phoenix, AZ

Design Breakouts

NEW for 2024! Join us as we delve into the neuroaesthetics and learning about your clients needs.

Thursday, September 19

1:05pm – 1:40pm
Angela Harris

Science of Design: How Neuroaesthetics is Impacting Design

Angela Harris, Founder, Principal and CEO @TRIO

It’s coming to light in the design world that our homes do more than keep a roof over our heads. Paying attention to our inherent needs and nature’s impact on our physiology, our homes have the ability to improve our health — both physically and emotionally. Learn what elements need to be considered when designing, building or remodeling a home to offer the optimum outcome for those occupying the space.

1:50pm – 2:25pm
Theresa Dorlini

Understanding the Homeowner's Design/Function Needs

Theresa Dorlini, Partner, Principal Interior Designer, Creative Director @Circle Design Studio

Designers are pros at getting to know their clients before starting a home design project. Learn some of the nuances designers assess about their clients as they determine a design layout that provides ultimate functionality and beauty for the end user. As much of what designers uncover about clients can carry across multiple projects, some can be considerations to incorporate into new build communities as well.