September 18-20, 2024
Phoenix, AZ

Residential Sessions

Take home actionable insights for thriving relationships between production and design, understand the science behind neuroaesthetics, learn to design the professional and personal life you want, and more—all from leading women in remodeling and home building.

Thursday, September 19

8:20am – 9:00am
Jane Meagher

Designing the Life You Want to Live: Strategies for Personal and Professional Success

Jane Meagher, President @Success Strategies

In this unique, inspirational yet practical session, Jane shares strategies she’s used throughout her life to set and achieve goals, push through challenges, and find fulfillment. Filled with stories of personal triumph and struggle, this session will speak to anyone who wants to become the best they can be. For each strategy, Jane 1) describes a life experience and how it shaped her future, 2) identifies the principle or practice that anyone can apply, with instructions, and 3) inspires action for the attendees through questions or prompts. You’ll leave inspired to reach for the next level of personal and professional success, and have some tools to help you along the way.

9:10am – 9:50am
Tamara Day

Interpersonal Relationships in Design and Construction

Tamara Day, Designer and Television Host @Tamara Day Designs, Bargain Mansions/Magnolia Network

Join Tamara Day, designer and host of the hit TV show Bargain Mansions on the Magnolia Network, as she dives into the intricacies of navigating interpersonal relationships in design and construction. Gain insightful perspectives on her interior design business journey, how she has transitioned into leadership roles within the industry, key factors that have contributed to her success and how she has overcome hurdles. Learn how Tamara's unique approach has shaped her business relationships and career, and explore the dynamics of managing her realm of expertise and life itself.

4:20pm – 4:55pm
Ginger Curtis

A Beautiful Conversation: My Journey into Neuroaesthetics

Ginger Curtis, CEO @Urbanology Designs

Hear a renowned interior designer share how the principles of neuroaesthetics transformed her approach to design. During a lifechanging season of hardship, she discovered the profound impact that beauty and thoughtful design have on our well-being. This session will offer Ginger Curtis' personal perspective on harnessing neuroaesthetics to create spaces that heal and inspire, revealing the powerful connection between personal experience and the transformative power of design.