September 18-20, 2024
Phoenix, AZ

General Sessions

General Sessions are tailored to engage and inspire every attendee, regardless of their focus on residential or commercial sectors.

Wednesday, September 18

1:20pm – 2:05pm
Kelly Parker

The Art of Persuasive Storytelling

Kelly Parker, Owner @KDP Consulting, LLC

Persuasive storytelling is crucial to advance business and ensure career success, yet many people struggle to navigate its complexities. In this session, attendees will learn how to leverage persuasive storytelling to enhance their communication skills and interpersonal effectiveness. They will learn the why and the how of great storytelling and glean specific strategies to create clear, compelling narratives that educate, motivate, and influence audiences to take action.

2:45pm – 3:15pm
Allison Iantosca

How to Thrive While Standing at the Edge of What You Know

Allison Iantosca, President, CEO, Partner @F.H. Perry Builder

To be a leader is to willingly stand at the edge of what you know. Every. Single. Day. It doesn’t matter if you are the big boss, if you run a team, or if you are in charge of yourself, leadership is a lifestyle you take head on. Living at the edge of what you know is complex and unrelenting. It can be scary. Sometimes we wonder if we’re heading in the right direction, and we lose the certainty of our footing. This unique talk will provide new ways to define yourself in your full leadership capacity right now, as well as offer tips for how to thrive at the edge of what you know.

Friday, September 20

8:00am – 8:50am
Julie Miller Davis

Doing Delegation Right

Julie Miller Davis, Founder @JMD Productivity Training

So many times, women find themselves in a position where they know they need to delegate and cannot figure out where to start. Or, they have had delegation go terribly wrong and thus taken the majority of the work back on their plate. However, we all know that in order to grow, we must delegate and start doing the tings that only we can do. In this talk, Julie Miller Davis will be teaching us to do delegation right. Key takeaways: how to stop micromanaging and start delegating; what to delegate; how to set yourself and your team up for success.

10:35am – 11:35am
Elnian Gilbert

Creating A Personal Vision of Greatness

Elnian Gilbert, Keynote Speaker and Trainer @ZingTrain

What’s a vision? It’s an answer to the simple—yet radical—question: “When we’re really successful in our work at a particular point in the future, what will our organization look like?” From a personal standpoint, the question becomes, “When we’re really successful in becoming the person we want to be, what does our life look like?” Imagine going to a website where you could log on and, with the right password, view your company, or your life, as it will be five years from now. Well, the website (as far as we know) doesn’t exist yet. But you have the software you need right in your own head—and the heads of others in your organization. In this workshop, learn how effective visioning has been an important part of Zingerman’s success and how you can use this powerful tool to fuel your business, and personal success.

11:40am – 12:15pm
Camille Jenkins

Continuing the Journey: Engaging, Reflecting, and Networking Beyond the Conference

Camille Jenkins, Founder @Camille's Keys

As the conference concludes, this special session allows you to focus on your take-aways and explore ways to stay in touch. Jenkins will facilitate an opportunity to share and discuss key insights, stay engaged beyond the conference, and take part in our community's growth through mentorship opportunities. Don't miss this chance to deepen your connections and drive meaningful change beyond the conference.